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NJ National Guard Military

Funeral Honors Kerry Evans(Coordinator):609-324-7034
Army Archives Phone: 314-801-0800 (expedited documents) 314-801-0764
Casualty Assistance Center: 609-562-5761\3147
Survivor Outreach Services: Meredith Fleece (Coordinator): 609-324-7015
BG Doyle Scheduling Office:609-758-7505

National Museum of American

Jewish Military History:
JWV Department of New Jersey:

Veteran Affairs

Department of Veteran Affairs:
National Archives:
National Cemetery Administration:
Military Service Records:
Veteran Health Benefits
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Veteran Organizations

American Legion:
American Legion Post 372 Cherry Hill, NJ:
Veterans of Foreign Wars:


National WW II Memorial:
New Jersey WW II Memorial:
U.S. Holocaust Museum:
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